Hi! Welcome to my random collection of things I have done and things I can do. If you are here by accident, it is probably because you hit my highly googleable list of skills below. If you are here on purpose, then you know that I am a Software / Systems Engineer. You know that I work at Pivotal and that I build containers and that I then go to conferences and stand on stage talking about building those containers.

Here is that seo-d list of things I do:

  • containers
  • linux
  • bash
  • sysadmin
  • cloud computing
  • unix
  • golang
  • vms
  • aws / gcp
  • cloud foundry paas
  • bosh
  • vim
  • ansible
  • ruby
  • ci / cd
  • tdd
  • pair programming
  • conference talking
  • mentoring / advice giving

Things I don’t do:

  • Web d3vel0pment (avoid those hits) or design. Making this site was so tedious and I didn’t even really do it myself I used Jekyll.