I like reading and cooking and diy and programming and tattoos and martial arts and trekking (not the kind of trekking where you dress up and maybe nimoy is there, but the kind of trekking where it is just you in a remote mountain range with a tent and 2 weeks of rations). On my days off I will either aim to read and finish a book or I will look for something in my home which needs the sort of fixing that can only be done by my most heaviest, most loudest tools. Unless I am speaking at a conference and then I will fret over that.

I graduated from UCL with a degree in ancient history which I did not get to use because I then went to a web-dev bootcamp called Makers Academy which I only vaguely used as I did not become a web d3vel0per but somehow ended up deep in cloud computing.

In other lives I was a bar/nightclub manager, a copy-editor/proofreader, and an ESL teacher (this one in Rome).

I now live in East London with my wife (also an engineer) and our many cactuses (cacti? cactae?).

I try to dedicate a few hours a week to mentoring and teaching minorities in tech. If you or someone you know is new to the industry, is trying to make their next move, or is just looking for some general advice, please feel free to reach out. I can’t promise my advice will be any good but I am happy to be a sounding board or sanity-check!